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Lifestyle, not the trend


name: Patrick
age: 19
location: near san francisco

sXe questions: what do you all think about caffiene?

definition of sXe: someone who does not drink alcohol, do drugs, smoke, or have promiscious sexual relations

how long have you been sXe: 19 years, although i was only offered drugs/alcohol 7 years ago.

what are your thoughts on people that arent sXe: it depends. someone who has a drink occasionally is not doing something beneficial to their health particularly, but they arent hurting themselves as much as someone who gets drunk/high every weekend. I think that these people are making decisions that harm themselves and others, but I don't think of them negatively because of it.

do you beleive that if someone drinks caffeine they arent sXe: no.

what made you become sXe: my alcoholic step-father/grandparents. I want to be in control of my body. I want to stay healthy, and do what's best for myself, staying in control of my decisions.

Thoughts on...

drugs: very foolish. as I said before, I won't hate you for using drugs, but our thinking is going to be so different, we're probably not going to have much in common. Plus, i really wouldnt like it that you're hurting yourself.

alcohol: a crutch like no other. the reason people drink is to "loosen up" or whatever. if you arent comfortable enough with yourself to be yourself in the company of others, drinking isnt going to fix anything. it'll only make things worse.

sex: only for someone you really care about.

fav stuff..

bands: right now my top five bands are anti-flag, alkaline trio, nofx, bad religion and the lawrence arms. I'm also really into Jets to Brazil, Jawbreaker, and Ted Leo right now.

book: The Count of Monte Cristo has always been my favorite, but I really like Catch 22 also.

your idol: Bruce Springsteen/Justin Sane/fat mike/My mother

person to talk to online: izaak/laura/kristy

shirt: NotMyPresident

pants: blue girl's jeans

breakfast: i dont really eat breakfast

song: "Mmmm Bop"- Hanson. So much fun. I mean, seriously.

CD: The Greatest Story Ever Told- the Lawrence Arms

video game: Spider Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage


stuff u hate/dislike: lindsay lohan

how many ppl do u know that are sXe: 5 or 6 I think

how many ppl hate u: One, and I still don't know why. It's been about 2 years now.

do u play any instruments: guitar, bass, learning the trombone.

promote and give the link or ur rejected:

now post at least 2 pics of yourself:

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