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name: Kayla
location: Southwest Florida

sXe questions:None

definition of sXe: No drinking/No drugs/No sex till after marriage or with someone you know you could live with forever

how long have you been sXe: Since I was born.

what are your thoughts on people that arent sXe: I'm friends with them, it's their life, they live it the way they want.

do you beleive that if someone drinks caffeine they arent sXe: Caffeine is in a lot of things. So no.

what made you become sXe: It's just the way I chose to be.

Thoughts on...

drugs: Don't like it but not gonna hate/dislike others that are into drugs.

alcohol:Don't like alcohol but not gonna hate/dislike others that are into alcohol.

sex: has become too trendy, not my style but I dont judge against others that choose it.

fav stuff: Guitar, Camera, Computer, Cell phone, and anything musically related.

bands: Finger Eleven, 36 Crazyfists, Hawk Nelson, Simplekill, KY Deity, Crossfade, GN'R, AC/DC, Kiss,

book: Househusband - Ad Hudler

your idol: My mother

person to talk to online: My friend Chris or one of my rockstar buddies

shirt: Simplekill shirts

pants: low rise flared jeans

breakfast: I don't eat breakfast.

song: "Believe"- KY deity

CD: Tip - Finger Eleven

video game: Halo 2


stuff u hate/dislike: Pop music, Band whores, Parties

how many ppl do u know that are sXe: eh 3-5?

how many ppl hate u: none.

do u play any instruments: Guitar

promote and give the link or ur rejected: http://www.livejournal.com/community/_simplekill_/

now post at least 2 pics of yourself:

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