Arnold Same (iamanarchitecht) wrote in damn_sxe_kids,
Arnold Same

name: Rich
age: 22
location: Hull, UK

sXe questions:

Who told you this was cool?

definition of sXe:
Strange. It's not odd enough to advocate against sex and drugs simply cos a trend tells you to, but it also demands that you change your appearance, get a fucking tattoo to define some form of identity you've never had. No better than mods or rockers, stoners or townies, hippies or goths. What is it that seperates you all? Stuff you don't do? The clothes you wear? Ultimately, every sub-culture has it's fashions, I just think this one funnier than most. And I do hate mods. You think you're individual but you're not.

how long have you been sXe:
Jesus, you've even got a logo. All forms of propaganda need a logo, like swastikka.

what are your thoughts on people that arent sXe:
Depends.Most the time, if they're not sXe they're summat else. Mod, rocker, hippie, punk whatever. If people are weak enough to need somebody else to give them an identity, they're not worth bothering with. You could do better than letting a genre of music dictate your life.

do you beleive that if someone drinks caffeine they arent sXe:
If it's part of your law, yeah

what made you become sXe:
It'd take some serious Room 101 style brainwashing

Thoughts on...

Can be fun. Not for everyone though. Who's got the right to legislate on something that grows out of the ground half the time? Chemicals, fair enough, you don't know what you're getting, an e can kill instantly. But magic mushrooms and weed? This is stuff that grows naturally. We don't even eat stuff as naturally as that stuff grows, everything's fucked up and processed beyond recognition. In a democracy, who can tell you what you can and can't do to yourself?

Ah the one good taxable drug. I like it. Most people do. Its certainly more dangerous than marajuana.

It's natural. People were fucking in caves as a means of survival thousands of years ago. Somewhere along the line, it became immoral, I'm not sure why. Yeah, people can catch STDs but if there's any sense about them, they know how to avoid it.

fav stuff..
LSD. Good music. Masturbation. Porn.

Manic Street Preachers, Pink Floyd, Love, Big Brother And The Holding Company, Kate Bush, Saint Etienne, Pulp, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Charlotte Church, Sigur Ros

1984, The Virgin Suicides, Of Mice And Men

your idol:
Don't have one. There's people I admire, but noone's worthy of me changing my lifestyle for.

person to talk to online:
I'm not drawing a hierarchy of my friends

Probably a festival t-shirt or a band t-shirt.

Anything. It's not top of my agenda to find a pair of trousers that go with the top I'm wearing. Wearing black trousers right now

A carnavarious full english breakfast

"I Take Drugs" by Murderdolls, "Kill All Hippies" by Primal Scream, "You Set The Scene" by Love

"Gold Against The Soul" by Manic Street Preachers, "Saucerful Of Secrets" by Pink Floyd, "Relationship Of Command" by At The Drive-In, "Diamond Dogs" by David Bowie and "So Tough" by Saint Etienne

video game:
Not really into video games. Summat on the Sega Megadrive probably.


stuff u hate/dislike:
Right wing politics. Prejudice. Narrowmindedness. People who just don't have a mind of their own. Hull. Touts. Hangovers. Capitalism.

how many ppl do u know that are sXe:
None that I know of. Sure, I know people who don't drink, do drugs, drink caffiene, have sex, but they're good people. They've got an identity. They don't need to get a tattoo or an image to justify it to themselves.

how many ppl hate u:
I dunno. Obviously, it's not for me to say.

do u play any instruments:
Nah. Kinda wish I could, but still.

promote and give the link or ur rejected:
How? I've only just learned lj cut. I'm sure your wonderful cutlture isn't gonna die overnight. If you're gonna reject me for not promoting, that's a pretty lame excuse. Kinda behaviour I'd expect from a conservative republican government

now post at least 2 pics of yourself

Don't have a scanner or digital camera. What's the relevence anyway?

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