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name: Nathan Adams
location:syracuse ny 315

definition of sXe: no drugs/no drinking/no sexual contact

how long have you been sXe: since last june

what are your thoughts on people that arent sXe: i have 1 straightedge who now lives in new jeresey, alot of my friends smoke cigars which is really douchy and everyone from my school is an alcoholic

do you beleive that if someone drinks caffeine they arent sXe: its up to you, personally dont take any caffeine because it IS a drug

what made you become sXe: i got drunk once and got the bejesus beat out of me because a girl said i raped her while she was drunk but then she realized we were in two different rooms and i ended up with lots of bruises and welts

Thoughts on...

drugs: controlled substances are bullshit, sure if you NEED perscription drugs is up to you, but most of america is dependant on too many drugs

alcohol: the worst of all the drugs that fucks up the most lives/families/etc. its complete bullshit and i have little respect for drunks

sex: im the only one of my friends who is still a virgin.. sex is a complicated, touchey topic, personally i have seen lots of relations become focused on just sexual pleasure and that isn't something i want

bands:across five aprils, american nightmare, good clean fun, unearth, underoath, the chariot, at the drive-in, mars volta, the number 12 looks like you, hopesfall, dillinger escape plan, the daughters, rush etc. etc.

book: fahrenheit 451/catcher in the rye

your idol: cedric bixler zavala :D from at the drive-in

person to talk to online: my ex girlfriend?

shirt: my hopesfall shirt

pants: my dark blue sorta tight old navy jeans

breakfast: nothing? maybe orange juice, i dont have time for breakfast :D

song: well thats an impossible question to answer, one of my favorite songs is car wrecks and plane crashes by across five aprils

CD: another impossible question, el gran orgo, relationship of command, background music, a tragedy in progress, put on your rosey red glasses, etc. etc.

video game: baldur's gate 2 shadows of amn :D


stuff u hate/dislike: labels, people who call themselves emo, douchebag political people, bands who are assholes, kids who try to mosh then complain/get hurt

how many ppl do u know that are sXe:1

how many ppl hate u:3598235982735892357928375

do u play any instruments:guitar!

promote and give the link or ur rejected:

now post at least 2 pics of yourself:
me on the left
me after my nasty ear surgery

im sorry i dont have very updated pictures? my bad

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