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there's a sea of bodies between us.


name: Kay.

age: sixteen.

location: kentucky.

sXe questions: don't believe i have any.

definition of sXe: no drugs/no drinks/ lonnnnng term love before sex.

how long have you been sXe: 'round 4 years.

what are your thoughts on people that arent sXe: my best friend isn't, she used to be, but now she smokes. but i still love her. i don't think you should do things that can harm your body, cause it's what keeps you going and all. but i don't overpress my beliefs on them.

do you beleive that if someone drinks caffeine they arent sXe: nah.

what made you become sXe: one of my good girlfriends did lots of pills and smoked lots of stuff almost everyday before she'd go to schoola nd when she'd get home. i seen how it affected her life, because she wrecked her nice car, her boyfriend and her always fought (her boyfriend treated her like shit when he was high/drunk too) and things just started falling apart on her. and i had friends that were edge and they told me all about it and i thought it was just a great choice.

Thoughts on...

drugs: idiotic, serriously. who wants to smoke something that smells like roadkill, anyways.

alcohol: it's ridiculous.

sex: good if you've been with someone for a long time and you're in love. it shows trust and commitment.

fav stuff..

bands: martyr ad, embrace today, xlooking forwardx, pig destroyer, stampin' ground, the black dahlia murder, le tigre, american football, at all cost, amon amarth, etc etc.

book: don't really have a favorite. but lately i read 'Whoever finds this: I love you'. full of short stories about random stuff. it's good.

your idol:      < boyfriend.
               < old guitar players' stepdad. he may not be an IDOL, but he taught me how to play guitar and he helped my old band out a lot.

person to talk to online: my boyfriend or my best friend. we have funny conversations and good serious ones.

shirt: plain black cut off one. i can wear it with anything. and, this pig destroyer one i've YET to get.

pants: jeans mostly, they're all the same kind of.

breakfast: captain crunch.

song: martyr ad - late night faith healer. 1:30, wow.

CD: same as above, 'on earth as it is in hell', for days straight. 

video game: super mario, forever.


stuff u hate/dislike: the under-the-age-of 14 people in this town who like to mock and claim scene, when we don't have a scene down here at all. modest mouse. donnie darko.

how many ppl do u know that are sXe: 8-ish, i believe.

how many ppl hate u: lottttttts. i heard a group of 5 girls were bashing me at some store the other day. i don't even know 5 girls that might know each other.

do u play any instruments: guitar, bass. i'm trying to learn drums for my boyfriends solo project.

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